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Martin Margiela

- Sotheby’s unveils a rare sale

Iconic pieces signed by Martin Margiela will be exhibited at Sotheby’s Paris for thonline auction September 19th till October 1st

- ready to wear and limited editions form the Artisanal Collection -

The discreet designer that never gave an interview and signed his clothing with a white label does not need much of an introduction. He is a revolution, a permanent refreshing wave over the fashion world. No wander today’s collections are under Galliano’s magical hands.

Almost 220 items from a private collection, will take us from 1989 to 2006. Deconstruction, anatomically absurd, reversed, layered, oversized, Margiela had a radical approach to clothing design. He is one of the first to introduce the waste question in fashion, using reconditioned pieces and other inspirational objects. You can discover in this exhibition some of the most important items of his collections: The Salvation Army collection, the photographs print collection, the enlarged doll clothings collection, of course the stockman collection and the Artisanal collection.

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