UFashOn mag

director Alexandra Mas

camera Marco Tassini

model Holly Foog

beauty Magalie Markan

Artist Alexandra Mas wearing the hemp dress

Lin & Chanvre Bio Normandie

dress by IFA Paris

director & sound Alexandra Mas

camera Marco Tassini


presented in Artifact Gallery, NY

director Alexandra Mas

camera & editing Marco Tassini

voice & text Alexandra Mas

Contact us for distribution information

SHE-in Clouzot's Eye re-cut subjective experience

by Alexandra Mas

VR experience/3min+infinite sequence

curated by Paul Ardene for Ciné Patrimoine Concept

presented in:Topgraphie de l'Art, Paris/City Hall Niort cultural event/Lux Valence

engineer Jorge Reinoso/camera Marco Tassini

contact us for distribution, experience available on Oculus

for more information go to the artist web site

featuring artist Alexandra Mas for jewelry brand Les Fees Mouvementees

ATUM teaser

director Alexandra Mas

camera & editing Marco Tassini

voice Alexandra Mas/sound Mandy Bazin

based on a text from the Book of the Dead 

for jewellery brand- Les Fées Mouvementées

director & camera Marco Tassini

editing & art director Alexandra Mas

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