UFashOn mag

director Alexandra Mas

camera Marco Tassini

model Holly Foog

beauty Magalie Markan

Artist Alexandra Mas wearing the hemp dress

Lin & Chanvre Bio Normandie

dress by IFA Paris

director & sound Alexandra Mas

camera Marco Tassini


presented in Artifact Gallery, NY

director Alexandra Mas

camera & editing Marco Tassini

voice & text Alexandra Mas

Contact us for distribution information

SHE-in Clouzot's Eye re-cut subjective experience

by Alexandra Mas

VR experience/3min+infinite sequence

curated by Paul Ardene for Ciné Patrimoine Concept

presented in:Topgraphie de l'Art, Paris/City Hall Niort cultural event/Lux Valence

engineer Jorge Reinoso/camera Marco Tassini

contact us for distribution, experience available on Oculus

for more information go to the artist web site

ATUM teaser

director Alexandra Mas

camera & editing Marco Tassini

voice Alexandra Mas/sound Mandy Bazin

based on a text from the Book of the Dead 

for jewellery brand- Les Fées Mouvementées

director & camera Marco Tassini

editing & art director Alexandra Mas

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