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Dernière mise à jour : 16 mai 2023

The ARTIVIST group was present with several artists from Europe. They are visible on ARTSY. (You can scan the QR codes) photographer Marco Tassini presented 3 photographies and a limited edition box.

the Artivist group is proposing also a limited edition box with 26 reproductions from 20 artists - analog prints on fine art paper, hand produced in Paris. A beautiful and luxurious black cardboard box, numbered, available on demand, and shipped all over the world.

676$ + shipping

the order takes 2 weeks to be processed as each reproduction is hand made printed on analog photography fuji film paper

there are 100 pieces , two on display on demand, one in Paris and one in NY

Each box is numbered and comes with a certificate

please Contact here

the limited edition box

the presented artists:

DARUUSCH (Gr) | Roz DELACOUR (Fr) | Bernard GARO (Sw) | Philippe FORTE-RYTTER (Fr) Veronique GEFFROY (Fr) | Christophe LAVENAIR (Fr) | Adelaïde LEFERME (Fr)

Hanna MARE (Gr) | Alexandra MAS (Fr-Ro) | Leaf McCRUM TORRES (Gr-USA)

François POHU LEFEVRE (Fr) | Boris POLLET (Fr) | Marie RIDOUX (Fr) | Catrin ROTHE (Gr) | Ennio SPADINI (It)| Marco TASSINI (It) | David TWOSE (Fr) | Eloïse VALLI (Fr) Natalie VASSIL (Fr) | Romain ZEDER (Fr)

some of the ARTIVIST artists present in AQUA ART - you can scan the QR codes to find their ARTSY presence and still buy their art works

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