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Shim Art Network
Hosted by DeFineArt
Palazzo PISANI Revedin



photography Alexandra Mas, Atacama

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after the Venice the Biennale the ARTIVIST AWARDS winners present in:


AQVA ART MIAMI ART FAIRS 2022, World of MOCO, Bridgeport 2023, and ARTIVIST BERLIN 2023

Bernard GARO

Artivist Lion

Sebastian Layral

Artivist Award

MEZamorphose Orchestr'all

Lionceau Award

Nana DIX

best art short

Pierre-Jérôme JEHEL

technical award


public price

Nicolas HAMM

Shim Eco award



limited edition box

hand analog printing in Paris with art reproductions, numbered

it comes with an art certificate 

26 Analog fuji film

hand printed individual reproductions,

A art critic by Silvia Previti 

Direct links to each artist

100 boxes to order

visible upon request in Paris and NY

A4 format

price 670$

shipping included

personal pickup 10% off

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Artivist group at Art Miami Art Fairs 2022



SHIM ART network


Superb coffee table box, you can use reproductions to create a framed wall display.

See bellow the art inside the box

all orders are to be payed before shipping

no return is possible

Artists in the Artivist Box


DARUUSCH (Gr) | Roz DELACOUR (Fr) | Bernard GARO (Sw)  | Philippe FORTE-RYTTER (Fr) Veronique GEFFROY (Fr) | Christophe LAVENAIR (Fr)  | Adelaïde LEFERME (Fr)

Hanna MARE (Gr) | Alexandra MAS (Fr-Ro) | Leaf McCRUM TORRES (Gr-USA)  

François POHU LEFEVRE (Fr)  | Boris POLLET (Fr) | Marie RIDOUX (Fr) | Catrin ROTHE (Gr)
Ennio SPADINI (It)| Marco TASSINI (It) |
David TWOSE (Fr) | Eloïse VALLI (Fr)
Natalie VASSIL (Fr)  | 
Romain ZEDER (Fr)

N.B. the present artists can order the box at production cost inside the limited edition.


Shim is a small piece used between two parts to make them fit together, or to prevent them rubbing against each other.
Shim Eco is that tiny link holding your art to our group and create ARTIVIST manifests, 
collaborating with Artsy and numerous art galeries and art spaces around the world. 


Artivism Performance 
Art Miami Fairs - Aqua Art

official sellection December 2019
No Plastic by Alexandra Mas

Artivism Awards biennale

First edition,
2020 Spazio S.V. VENEZIA, IT 

Shim Eco Inaugural USA, URSA gallery, 2020

October 2021-April 2022URSA gallery USA

June to September, FORTEZA ORSINI, Sorano GR
presence at the SATURNIA Film Festival 
Presence at the GROSET

The DREAM - Artivism Awards biennale
Second edition, 2022 Spazio S.V. VENEZIA, IT 

Artivist Groupe Art Miami Fairs
Aqua Art official sellection, December  2022

April 24th to September 1st, 2023 

June 16th to July 2nd 2023
BLAH BLAH project room, BERLIN

Artivist Group Art Miami Fairs - Aqua Art official sellection
December 6 to December 10, 2023

Artivist Group - Biennale Bordeaux

April 10 to October 15, 2024 
MANPAÏ Gallery, 73 Rue Lucien Faure, 33300 BORDEAUX

PATHs - Artivism Awards biennale 3rd edition,
Palazzo PISANI Revedin, 2024


ARTIVISM, now in its third edition, is firmly committed to establishing a lasting presence during the Venice Art Biennale.

In 2022, during our second edition at SPAZIO SAN VIDAL, we were elated to join forces with the Saturnia Film Festival, leading to the creation of an art movie section. Our initiatives extended further as we curated exhibitions within the Forteza Orsini in Sorano, GR, and showcased international artists at the Grosseto Art Museum. This quartet of events reverberated widely, amassing 130 press mentions and articles, igniting significant media attention.

Our primary thrust centers on fostering sustainable art practices. We achieve this through partnerships with masters of traditional craftsmanship, exploration of socio-ecological themes, and the pursuit of eco-responsible exhibition solutions.

Guided by a rigorous curatorial vision, we are committed to juxtaposing emerging talents with established artists. Our penchant for collaborative group projects focusing on pertinent subjects is complemented by a robust presence of video art in our programming.

We hold a deep conviction in the transformative power of art, believing it can illuminate fresh perspectives and catalyze new ways of living. In this vein, we endeavor to organize public art performances within the parameters set by the city hall's validation process.

Moreover, our horizon is set on cultivating enduring alliances with art patrons and sponsors. This objective finds expression in the form of the ARTIVIST LION AWARDS, an initiative intended to solidify a lasting legacy in conjunction with our esteemed sponsors.

ARTIVISM aspires to be a diverse collective, linking artists, collectors, writers, philosophers, creators, scientists, galleries, and public spaces across the globe. Together, we share insights and creations that address pressing concerns such as climate change, environmental sustainability, social justice, and contemporary societal discourse. As of now, ARTIVISM finds its home within the Shim Art Network.

- The Shim Art Network operates as an open-source platform founded upon a non-hierarchical structure. Members are encouraged to propose and develop initiatives, finding support and collaboration within the community. It embodies an entrepreneurial laboratory, self-funded in its essence yet poised to engage with sponsors and patrons in harmony with our shared philosophy.

ARTIVISM stands as the pioneering art collective forged by and for artists of all ages and nationalities. Our collective mission is to re-envision the art realm as a dynamic, interactive, and user-generated ecosystem, reshaping how we interpret one another within the global cultural landscape. We hold in high esteem the processes, dedication, and distinct aesthetics of every artist and designer, embracing their intimate poetics.

Dedicated to uniting artists who embrace collective action, scientific inquiry, and dedicated work, Artivism seeks to conserve, educate, share knowledge, forge communities, and shine a spotlight on truths. We're an archipelago of resolute and interconnected creators who converge and diverge on subjects, united by the aspiration to ensure that these global artistic voices are rendered anything but invisible.

2022 partners: 

SELECT Venezia / ORTO Venezia / IFA Paris / MAXLRAINER Edle Biere /ARKHAE • MUNDI / Proloco di Sorano • town of Sorano / SATURNIA Film Festival / ARTSY / SHIM ART NETWORK / the EDGE mag / HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN

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