Venice Biennale | Shim Eco | Saturnia Film Festival


Open call for ecological & sociological topic art till April 15th 2022

We are proud to already announce: 

Philippe Forte-Rytter, Iris Hoppe, Alexandra Mas, Sebastien Layral, Gaïa Adduccio, Bernard Garo, Peter Hopkins, Nana Dix & Tobias Laemmert


          the art film section

Starting with 2022, the Saturnia Film Festival will celebrate art shorts. Under the curation of the Mas Tassini studio, this new born section will welcome experimental movies, video poetics, video installations, virtual reality and any short video expression. 

Saturnia Film Festival & Mas Tassini Studio

become an artivist 


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open call fee via PayPal 20€ 

send your proposal with the PayPal proof at: for plastic arts for Saturnia FF Art Shorts Section

+39 0415234602

+33 608 659 747

curators team

plastic art | video art | performance art

Centro Espositivo San Vidal 

campo San Zaccaria - 30122 Venezia - +390415234602 

Opening July 6

Private viewing  July 14th, 5pm to 8pm - awards ceremony -

Closing September 11th 


Saturnia Film Festival art show and art shorts

Il Cortilone (Sorano)

Opening  June 6

Private viewing June 11th

film festival presence July 29th 

Closing August 2nd

Saturnia Film Festival VR section

Pieve di Santa Cristina (Roccette di Fazio)


Opening  Jully 6

film festival presence July 29th 

Closing August 2nd



A high quality 120 pages A4 catalog with texts by art critic Francesca Brandes

The Artivist Lion price will be awarded publicly during the vernissage on July 14th.


the Saturnia Film Festival - Art Section nominees and the award will be publicly announced July 29th. 

Alexandra Mas artist /shim eco co-founder/curator

+33( 0)6 08 65 97 47 


Cristiano Palazzo

Spazio SV centro espositivo San Vidal  manager and curator

+39 0415234602

Diana von Hohenthal und Berger Curator and galerist -Berlin

Saturnia Film Festival 

The EDGE magazine

Peter Hopkins
Curator / Shim art network founder/shim eco co-founder/artist +1 (203) 249 8843


Marco Tassini 

cultural coordinator

shim eco co-founder /photographer 
+39 351 780 3791

open call fee via PayPal 20€ 

send your proposal with the PayPal proof at and

Please see the regulations here



Shim is a small piece used between two parts to make them fit together, or to prevent them rubbing against each other.

shim Eco is that tiny link holding your art to our group and create artivist manifests. 

Shim Eco is part of the Shim Art Network, collaborating with Artsy and numerous art galeries and art spaces around the world. 

carrara, performance, artist Alexandra Mas

ARTIVISM, now at its second edition, aims to become a permanent presence during the Venice art biennale. Since we established an inspiring collaboration with Saturnia Film Festival the art movie section was created inside the SFF corroborated by a fine art curation with international artists.  The socio-ecological thematics are the core interest and all applications will be watched with great interest, also for other future events. 

We are seeking to show young emerging art next to established names under a strong curation choice. We encourage group works on meaningful subjects. The video art plays a major role, this is why we secured the partnership with the Saturnia Film Festival in-order to further promote the talents. 

We believe art has today the key to public’s heart in understanding and adopting a new way of life. 

We make sure to ensure the programming of public art performances in the limit of the city hall validation. And most of all, we express a desire to secure long term partnerships with art patrons and sponsors. This is why we wish to create the Artivist Lion awards and the Saturnia FF art movie award. A legacy in which both, patrons and artists can start writing a story. 

ARTIVISM is an expression and result of the SHIM ECO art group, hosted by Shim Art Network that functions as an extensive matrix of motley islands connecting artists, collectors, writers, philosophers, creators of all types, scientists, galleries and public places around the world to share information and creations whose central concern are climate change, environment and social justice. Shim ECO is an open-sourced platform with a non-hierarchical structure. Each individual can suggest or develop initiatives with the support and help of other members. It is an entrepreneurial laboratory with a self-funded base that can open up to sponsors and patrons in accordance with the group's philosophy.


Shim ECO is the first art group created by and for artists of any age or nationality, to begin the process of reinventing the art world as a progressive, interactive and user-generated ecosystem that can reshape how we understand each other within the global cultural economy. We prise the process, the devotion and the technics, the intimate  poetics of each artist or designer. Shim ECO is dedicated to bringing together artists eager to integrate collective action, inspired by science, and who work full time alone or jointly to preserve, educate and share information, forge communities, highlight facts. They are ready to surprise. Shim ECO is therefore an archipelago of determined and united creators, who will diverge and converge on subjects, with the aim of ensuring that these global artistic voices no longer remain invisible.