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MAS TASSINI Studio was present at AQUA ART - ART MIAMI ART FAIRS in the official selection thanks to SHIM Art Network.

ALEXANDRA MAS performed twice during the art fair in the location of Aqua Art and, as she used us in 2019, by the beach. In 2022 she presented two performances:

BE THE CHANGE was performed for the 3rd time, after IFA Paris and the Arsenal Thetis space during the Biennale di Venezia. This time the artist executed an action painting, and an expressive body painting - Actress Eloïse VALLI did an impressive performance while being painted by ALEXANDRA MAS. The canvas was brought by the the three protagonists in Aqua Art where the public could follow the beach action on a wide screen. After the applauses it has been exposed in one of the Shim Art gallery rooms.

here ALEXANDRA MAS during the BE THE CHANGE performance - body painting on Eloïse VALLI

Hello Print Friend, podcaster Miranda Metcalf with the BE THE CHANGE painting issued from the action painting performance of the same name

EXQUISIDE CODES developed with Peter Hopkins, her American mentor and fellow artist, non other than the founder of Shim Art Network. This performance is inquiring on our capacity to disconnect from writing. Our electronic means, phones, smart phones, computers, SMSing, QRcodes are becoming more and more abstract and impersonal. We capture real life portals in symbols we cannot read ourselves without an electronic device, yet the need of expression is stronger than ever. Social media is thriving and illustrating once intimate life has become common attitude.

ALEXANDRA MAS invited the public to write, literally write on her body, with brushes and paint, placing them in a fragile perception. Her tall figure, silver painted, naked, offered as a canvas for ideas.

presenting the EXQUISITE CODES performance - the artist was dressed by Tilmann GRAWE - after her body was covered with writings by the public she wore this metal dress covered with QR codes

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