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  • Photo du rédacteurAlexandra Mas

NO - an ugly story

the art short - press release

will be screened on the evening of July 2nd 2019, at the Silencio cinema, under the curation of Gwenäel Billaud

"the Man who Fell to Earth #2", for La Fondation

142 rue Montmartre, 75002, Paris

The project

Alexandra Mas

Camera & editing Marco Tassini

Production Mas Tassini Studio

Communication & production assistant Aurelie Aliotti

With the participation of IFA Paris - International Fashion Academy

Mas Tassini Studio and IFA Paris International Fashion Academy present an artistic project condemning plastic and its harmful effects.

A monumental cape, made by IFA Paris students, is embodied in NO - An ugly story, the art short directed by Alexandra Mas. It will be showed also as a performance during the Venice Biennale along with a mask made in recycled plastic by Sergio Boldin after a drawing of the artist.

More than ten kilos of plastic have been used for the cape.

(the Hotel de Paris, Tim Hotel Tour Montparnasse and Hotel de la Gaité helped collecting it)


The technical creation

NO - an ugly story is a minimalist movie where the filming technic brings it closer to the performance or theatre act. The image had to be strong, disturbing and, as absurd as this may sound, a certain aesthetic of repulsiveness.

The main character is not a human but the plastic itself. Invasive, to illustrate it, the solution was the creation of a monumental cape made interlay of recycled plastic.

the cape under construction at the IFA Paris ateliers


The militant artist

It all started with an eager to underline the ecological emergency. Alexandra Mas’ first movie with this topic was presented by the C.Bortone Gallery in June 2013. Ever since, her art shorts present a real concern regarding the relation men vs nature. She brings to us a poetical univers filled with anger and despair where the identity quest is superposed to the Earth’s dramatic evolution. Illustrated by an ancient demiurge or a future primitive human, a hysterical woman or a disturbing distorted self portrait, she is raising questions with her performances or videos.


A rising tide of plastic

We can flood you with numbers and disastrous descriptions. Reality is much worse than what you can imagine until you see it with your own eyes. We throw away 50 bilions plastic bottles per year!

A sea of plastic, but as you live it, unseen, unnoticed. This monstrous view that will appear to you when you are less expecting it. The numbers are building the sound track, along with wild sea animals screams, children and youngsters talking to You in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Indian and Chinese (with the voice of actress Xin Wang) Alexandra Mas is inviting you to feel them as music sounds, to let yourself be bothered and eventually affected …

internet numbers image

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