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Garden of the Kings

Dernière mise à jour : 26 mars 2020

A Pure Olfactory Wander

Haute perfumery by Chopard

Let me take you to the Garden of the  Kings, where the Mughals and the Maharajah receive Arab princes with their royal eagles, where they dream of traveling to exotic Latin American lands, where opulence is reinvented and the woods of the Gods receive their airy foot steps. Let me take you to a new luxurious world of scent.  

The Chopard haute perfumerie collection is expanding our senses from Mumbai to Dubai and from Tokyo to Bangladesh to discover a fascinant world of oud. The treasure tree of perfumery born in India 3500 years ago in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, on the foothills of the Himalayas. Mystical and inestimable jewel of nature the oud is the symbol of royalty and masculinity. 

This perfumes evoke Chopard’s spirit, the magic of emotions, but most of all they aline to the new luxury philosophy. It’s been ten years already the family owned high jewellery house is profoundly linked to sustainable principals. From ethical gold to a full fine jewelry animal collection dedicated to WWF, Chopard has a conscious approach to it’s ingredients. No wonder they choose the most exclusive and respectful oud producers . Jalali Agarwood, seventh generation protector of this ancestral know-how devoted to a secular arboriculture is telling us:

“What we plant is for the next generation and we use what has been planted by our ancestors” 

perfume creator Alberto Morillas on the Chopard terasse in Cannes
Alberto Morillas, nose, alchemist, magician

The preciousness of the oud resin takes 40 to 50 years to process in a tree that needs at least 200 years to grow. By choosing the Oud Assafi (TM) for Garden of the Kings, Chopard is creating exceptional and authentic perfumes, a new olfactory and human journey where ethics  meet with extreme luxury, environment-preservation with transmission and  excellency. 

Raw and precious ingredients... Haute Perfumery is a delicate and ancestral alchemy of exceptional treasures. Since 2017 with it’s first Haute Perfumery collection, Chopard is closely collaborating with Firmenich, the largest Swiss fragrance companies, on it’s Naturals Together (TM) excellence program, where excellence and environmental consciousness work together.

Agar Royal, Aigle Imperial, Nuit des Rois, Or de Calambac four fascinating names talking to us about oud’s nobility. From the field to the bottle the poetry of each element, of each gesture, of each hand, of each slow process... “What you smell is time…” Master perfumer Alberto Morillas takes us to this incredible Bangladesh forests of Kings offering us the wood of the Gods. This ode to oud is more about slow temporality than anything could possibly be.

Rose de Caroline actress Deepika Padukone Kapoor seen by A. Mas Or de Calambac

“The time of oud is not the time of men. It’s the time of Nature connecting generations through legacy of an invaluable treasure, it’s a time that naturally inspires immense gratitude and sacred respect “

Jalali Agarwood

Luxury is more to us today. It is a promise of perpetuity, of respect, honoring the working hands, that magical part of the timeless savoir faire is now visible at Chopard. From the land to the bottle, each part has its story and it has been captured in video and photography by Michael Christopher Brown, sensible humanistic eye.

As of September 2019 the perfumes will be launched worldwide. This fragrance lexical will make a lot of ink flow. We will not describe them, allowing your imagination to discover Alberto Morillas’ perfumes. An experience to make your own...

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