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Palazzo PISANI Revedin

September 3rd to November 3rd 2024

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artist from the exhibition:  


Faisal Abdu’Alla, Roz Delacour, Peter Hopkins, Amy Jackson, 

Christopher Lavenair, Hanna Mare,  Alexandra Mas, Brad Noble,

Ennio Spadini, Marco Tassini, Yanis Vlamos

and more...

Presenting Three Group Installations:

Postcards to Venice

Journeying from artists in Mexico and New York to the canals of Venice, this collection of small original artworks embodies the diverse paths of our artistic community. Supported by our partner galleries, this project offers a multifaceted perspective of our artistic journeys. On the reverse of each postcard, artists share personal reflections on their individual paths.

Exquisite AI

Explore the intersection of AI and fine art with "Exquisite AI," a concept conceived by Peter Hopkins, previously acclaimed at ART MIAMI FAIRS 2023. Step into a realm where original artworks are juxtaposed with AI-generated interpretations based on the artists' own prompts. This captivating experience will unfold in Mexico City and New York before culminating in Venice in September.


In our third group installation, artists present self-portraits alongside descriptions crafted to convey their desired perception. Delving into introspection, this collective artwork invites viewers to contemplate their own identities while uncovering the diverse facets of the SHIM and ARTIVISM group artists.

We envision these three projects, characterized by their openness and playful spirit, to inspire artists to participate actively. Join us and BE PART OF IT – for the greater the participation, the stronger our collective voice becomes.

about artivism

ARTIVISM is an international exhibition initiative conceived by Alexandra Mas, catalyzed by the visionary contributions of Peter Hopkins and Diana Hohenthal. This dynamic collective showcases its prowess in renowned art hubs such as ART MIAMI, Berlin, Bridgeport, New York, Bordeaux, and Venice.

During the Venice Biennale, the prestigious ARTIVIST AWARDS commend the artistic achievements of select members, highlighting excellence within our community. Central to the ethos of SHIM ECO and the ARTIVIST group is a commitment to minimizing our carbon footprint during exhibitions. To this end, we prioritize the creation of group installations, often producing materials locally to reduce environmental impact, featuring art sourced from around the globe.

Beyond physical exhibitions, ARTIVISM maintains a robust presence on ARTSY, providing a compelling commercial platform for our talented artists to reach wider audiences.

Anticipation mounts for an extraordinary performance by Romanian-French artist Alexandra Mas, presenting THE ANDROGYNOUS SYMPOSIUM alongside LGBTQ icon Elton Ilirjani. This groundbreaking event promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of gender and identity.

ART OF EVERYONE offers an inclusive space for visitors to engage and create, guided by participating artists, fostering a sense of communal artistry.

We eagerly anticipate the presence of Bernad GARO, recipient of the esteemed ARTIVIST LION Award 2022, whose poignant climate change performance is sure to leave a lasting impact.

The ARTIVIST project enjoys steadfast support from SHIM Art Network, SHIM ECO, and the esteemed art and style magazine, THE EDGE.

About SHIM Art Network: SHIM Art Network is a pioneering art exhibition company dedicated to bridging gaps within the art world. We provide invaluable exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations both online and offline. Collaborating closely with the e-commerce platform ARTSY, SHIM Art Network amplifies artistic voices on a global scale.

About SHIM eco ARTIVISM: Founded in 2020 as an artist group affiliated with SHIM Art Network. Our core mission revolves around addressing climate change, environmental stewardship, and social justice through the transformative power of art.

About the ARTIVISM AWARDS: Co-organized and co-curated by SHIM Art Network and HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN, the ARTIVISM AWARDS celebrate excellence in artistry while championing causes that resonate with our collective values.

The Murano Glass ARTIVIST LION is created by Schaivon Art Team


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