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Launched in 2016 by artist Alexandra Mas & human rights law Dr. Marco Tassini, the studio has gained the trust of  major luxury brands and publications. The studio is also present at the Cannes Film Festival and featured in galleries during art events like Art Miami and La Biennale Venezia. In October 2019 the Studio has been awarded Best Photography, for the art brought into fashion photography, by the 13th edition of Roma Fashion Awards. the same year they created Shim ECO and the Artivist Awards with Shim Art Network, an international socio-ecological artivist group. they are co-founders of The EDGE Mag. 

Today they are represented by HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN

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In 2016, the artist Alexandra Mas and the photographer dr. Marco Tassini joined forces to establish Mas Tassini Studio, a creative space where their artistic energies converge. Over the years, the studio has garnered the trust of renowned brands in the Parisian luxury sphere, but what truly matters is the profound impact they have had on each other's work. Operating without a hierarchical structure, they collaboratively sign off on each piece they create.

Fueled by trust and mutual inspiration, these two artists constantly exchange ideas and concepts, nurturing a dynamic space that fuels their respective works. Consequently, discernible changes emerge in their individual artistic outcomes. For instance, the artist delves into new media avenues such as virtual reality, pushing the boundaries of her video art, while the photographer adopts a more conceptual and trans-aesthetic approach to his imagery. In recognition of their achievements, Mas Tassini Studio received the prestigious Best Photography Prize from the Roma Fashion Awards in 2019. Additionally, in partnership with Shim Art Network, they established Shim Eco Artivism, an international socio-ecological group.

As their collaborative journey continues, a noticeable elevation of skills and a surpassing of their combined expertise become apparent. They actively promote analog photography, manual printing, and organic video work, while simultaneously engaging with the conventions of the fashion industry, thereby extending the limits of classical aesthetics.

To better communicate their artistic vision, they co-founded THE EDGE magazine alongside Cinzia Malvini, Diane Pernet, and Patrick Koune. Dr. Marco Tassini serves as the magazine's photo editor, working closely with talented photographers such as Stefanie Renome, Tiphaine Molinario, and Daniel Besikian. THE EDGE, available in both web and print formats, features Alexandra Mas as the art director, overseeing a substantial art section alongside esteemed journalists like Silvia Cutuli, Miranda Metcalf and G.Wen.

Dr. Marco Tassini, a photographer, movie director, and holder of a doctorate in human rights and constitutional history, nurtures three profound passions: the ocean, free diving, and eco-activism. His photographic journey beautifully intertwines these realms, resulting in evocative videos and photographs that carry powerful eco-social messages. Since 2017, Tassini has held a position as a chair in video and photography at IFA Paris (International Fashion Academy), where his involvement in sustainable fashion MBA programs remains highly active.

Alexandra Mas, a contemporary visual artist of aristocrat Russian and Hungarian origins, was born in Transylvania and identifies as European. Her artworks convey compelling socio-ecological messages, exploring themes such as the portrayal of women in society, ocean conservation, introspection, and anti-consumerism. For 25 years, Mas has consistently exhibited her works in various locations, spanning from Bordeaux to New York, Miami, Paris, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, and London. The establishment of Mas Tassini Studio has facilitated the development of her video art and her involvement as an art director in Tassini's films and photo shoots.

In 2019, Alexandra embarked on a collaboration with SHIM Art and, alongside Marco Tassini, co-founded Shim Eco ARTIVISM—a collective of artists and like-minded thinkers who share a unified vision of socio and eco-artivism.

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