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Launched in 2016 by artist Alexandra Mas & photographer Marco Tassini 

the studio has gained the trust of  major luxury brands and  publications. The studio is also present at the Cannes Film Festival and featured in galleries during art events like Art Miami and La Biennale Venezia. In October 2019 the Studio has been awarded Best Photography, for the art brought into fashion photography, by the 13th edition of Roma Fashion Awards. the same year they created Shim ECO together with Shim Art Network, an international socio-ecological artivist group. In 2021 they co-produced with a documentary

Today they are represented by HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN for the Fine Art Photography 

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In 2016, artist Alexandra Mas and photographer Marco Tassini established Mas Tassini Studio as a space for their creative energies to collide. The studio has gained the trust of major brands in the Parisian luxury microcosm, but what is most important is how they have impacted each other's work. There is no hierarchical position, and they co-sign each piece.

Based on trust and mutual inspiration, the two artists regularly flood the space in between with ideas and concepts. This dynamic area of constant seam feeds both the photographer's and the artist's works. As a result, we can see a clear change in their respective results. For instance, the artist could explore new media like virtual reality and push further her video art, while the photographer approaches a more conceptual trans-aesthetical image. In 2019, Mas Tassini Studio was awarded the best photography prize by Roma Fashion Awards, and together with Shim Art Network, they created Shim Eco, an international socio-ecological group.

Since they have been writing together, we can sense a stepping up and overpassing of the know-how. They promote analog photography, manual printing, and organic video work, dwelling with the codes of the fashion industry and pushing the line far into the classical aesthetic.

To better express their vision, they are co-founders of THE EDGE magazine with Cinzia Malvini, Diane Pernet, and Patrick Koune. As the photo editor, Marco Tassini works closely with several talented photographers like Stefanie Rename, Tiphaine Molinario, and Daniel Besikian. A magazine both web and print where Alexandra Mas is art director and sustains a large art section along with journalists like Silvia Cutuli and G.Wen. 

Marco Tassini nourishes three profound passions: the ocean, free diving, and eco-activism. He is a photographer and movie director, and he holds a doctorate in human rights and history of constitutions. His photographic path interweaves these universes and offers poignant videos and photographic works imbued with eco-social messages. From 2017, Tassini has held a video and photography chair at IFA, Paris (International Fashion Academy), where he is very active with the sustainable fashion MBA.


Alexandra Mas is a contemporary visual artist of Russian and Hungarian origins, born in Transylvania, who considers herself to be European. Her works contain strong socio-ecological messages that touch on subjects like women's image in our society, ocean preservation, inner questioning, and anti-consumerism. She has shown her works regularly for 25 years from Bordeaux to New York, Miami, Paris, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, and London. Mas Tassini Studio has led to the development of her video works and her participation as an art director in his films and photo shoots.


In 2019, Alexandra started a collaboration with SHIM Art and, along with Marco Tassini, built Shim Eco and ARTIVISM, a collective of artists and likeminded thinkers who share the same vision of eco-artivism.

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