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Launched in 2016 by artist Alexandra Mas & photographer Marco Tassini 

the studio has gained the trust of  major luxury brands and  publications. The studio is also present at the Cannes Film Festival and featured in galleries during art events like Art Miami and La Biennale Venezia. In October 2019 the Studio has been awarded Best Photography, for the art brought into fashion photography, by the 13th edition of Roma Fashion Awards. Since 2020 they created Shim ECO together with Shim Art Network, an international socio-ecological artivist group. 

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In 2016 artist Alexandra Mas and photographer Marco Tassini found a place of creation where their energies can collide. The studio gained the trust of major brands in the  Parisian luxury microcosm but what is most important is how they impacted on each other’s work. There is no hierarchic position and they cosign each piece. 

Based on trust and mutual inspiration the two artists are regularly flooding this space  in between with ideas and concepts. This dynamic area of constant seam is feeding both the photographer’s and the artist’s works. And we can see a clear change in their respective results; as the artist could explore new medias like the virtual reality and push further her video art the photographer approches a more conceptual trans-aesthetical image. 

Marco Tassini, former photography professor at the Rome University, today professor at IFA Paris, and Alexandra Mas that emerged in to the arts when only an enfant, master their techniques. Since they are writing together we can sens a stepping up, overpassing the know-how. Promoting analog photography, manual printing and organic video work, they are dwelling with the codes of the fashion industry pushing the line far into the classical aesthetic. Nourished by years of history of arts they work towards a new iconography, not an easy task, as they walk obviously against the main stream. 

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