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Thierry Mugler - Couturissime

We cannot talk about fashion without mentioning Thierry Mugler’s visionary work. In march 2009 he told WWD magazine he wanted to create for Beyoncé’s I Am…“the duality between being a woman and a warrior”. This rather recent declaration can be applied to the integrality of his work. Master of the scene, sculptor of a future super-creature, Thierry Mugler’s whole work is about women empowerment. Criticised, in a time where extreme femininity due to body line would be badly seen by feminists, his designs were always ment to enhance and liberate in the same time. Often, emancipation was proposed through a masculine fashion and attitude but his approach was much more futuristic and subtile. His woman was proud of her sensuality and ready to show her heroic body. After all equality is not happening by replacing the other but by re-placing ones qualities and unicity on the same level of importance. During three decades, since 1973, his free spirit forged a fascinating woman. His haute couture was closer to art than any other designer of his time, and nobody arrived at his level of signature. Pioneer in the use of inimaginable materials, he was more an alchemist of universes, fashion events with complex cinematographic vibrations. He opened the way to young designers where performance-art becomes fashion presentation.

“Thierry Mugler - Couturissime” the fashion art-show will be presented around the world in the years to come. Premiered at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on February 26, 2019, it will be opened till September 8th. “Glamour Tragedy” he said, with his spectacular taste for scenography... 130 silhouettes, some of them unseen before, it is the first retrospective of legendary Monsieur Mugler.

The upper texte is part of "The Surprising History of Women Beauty - and how we are conditioned by it" written by Alexandra Mas.

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