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  • Photo du rédacteurAlexandra Mas

Nuit Blanche

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma will premiere, on March 28th, 3 unprecedented evenings till April 2nd. Maria Grazia Chiuri created the costumes in collaboration with Eleonora Abbagnato, for “Nuit Blanche”, one of the dance shows imagined in honour of Philip Glass. Her biggest inspiration, dancing is an expression of freedom. We could see it already in the 2019 Dior ready-to-wear show and advertisings. She told us that creating this costumes was more a “choreographic exercise“ than fashion design.

“Nuit Blanche” represents an excellent occasion for the designer to interlace dance, culture and fashion. Their similar careers, placed between France and Italy bonded the two talented women.

Eleonora Abbagnato, étoile de l’Opera National de Paris and director of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, will partner with famous dancer Friedemann Vogel, in a choreography signed by Sébastien Bertaud. Emotion and technical virtuosity for a essentialist ballet and to bring up a thematic we are particularly sensible to : time perception.

Drawings by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Nuit Blanche - the ballet - Teatro dell’Opera di Roma


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